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ferrite n : a solid solution in which alpha iron is the solvent

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ferrum,iron plus suffix -ite


  1. the interstitial solid solution of carbon in body-centered cubic iron
  2. any of a class of metal oxides which show ferrimagnetism; used in transformers, inductors, antennas, recording heads, microwave devices, motors and loudspeakers
  3. The anion FeO22-, and any of the salts (formally derived from the unknown ferrous acid) derived from it

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Ferrite may refer to:
  • Ferrite, iron or iron alloys with a body centred cubic crystal structure.
  • Ferrite magnets (e.g. Fe3O4 or BaFe12O19), ferrimagnetic ceramic materials used in magnetic applications.
  • Ferrite beads, components placed on the end of data cables to reduce interference.
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